On April 23, 2022, the Rotary District 6380 celebrated Earth Day by having an Environmental Workday at Vestergaard Farms located at 4408 S. Wagner Rd. Ann Arbor.  Anne Nauts from the Chelsea Rotary Club participated and they sure did get a lot done.   Thank you to all the volunteers to help make this happen.  
Scott Nelson talked about Rotary's new seventh Area of Focus Environmental and a project he participates in called Plant Based Diet.
Max Vestergaard talked about the Vestergaard Farm. It is a family run farm which practices pasture-based farming with rotational grazing, prioritizing the well-being of our livestock. Their animals are raised humanely, sustainably and processed locally.
​T.C. Collins then talked about Willow Run Acres and how he started his organization. Willow Run Acres offers educational/gardening classes for all skills/age levels, garden safety classes, yearly Potato Day Programs, food distribution, service the community with weekly/monthly clean-up sessions, gardening wellness sites, role modeling/mentor opportunities, and other community engagements.
After the three talked the group went out to T.C. 's gardening beds and the Rotarian's wedded, mulched and moved beds.
The day ended with a lunch with Jimmy Jone's Sandwich's, chips and cookies.