Last Tuesday, the Chelsea Rotary Club held their weekly meeting, and welcomed Barbara Schmid, Joan Cottrell, Sarah Desjardins, and Denis Hyde from the Sharon Preservation Society
They spoke about how our neighboring Sharon Township could soon experience an unprecedented increase in gravel mining. Everyone remembers our issues/history with Chelsea’s own DENY THE MIND.
Directly from their website; On Pleasant Lake Road – Stoneco of Michigan has begun the application process to mine a 400-acre site on both the north and south sides of Pleasant Lake Road. This is a large-scale operation for the township, with impact that will almost certainly be felt by township residents as well as anyone using Pleasant Lake Road or M-52. On M-52 – Aggregate Industries is leasing the property owned by 52-Minerals on both sides of M-52. It has applied to expand its operations to mine beneath the water table on both sides of M-52. If these mines are permitted and licensed, the numbers of acres mined in the will increase ten-fold. In addition, there are several bills in the Michigan legislature that will impact if and how our township can permit or regulate mining activity here.
For additional details including map site, their call to action and what’s happening, visit their website You can also reach them via